Maker of the Storm: Behind the Song

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If you suffer from depression, despair, or hopelessness for any length of time, you’ll likely hear all sorts of things from people about hope and about the God of hope. All well-meant. Some of it even true. Somehow it all seems to circle back to this idea: take heart, because this can’t last long, after all, good stuff comes from God; the bad stuff is never His plan.

It took me a long time to realize this isn’t true. To realize that God not only allows but even orchestrates the bad stuff. And that is far better than a passive God who sits back wishing He could help.

I believe in a God who calms storms with His hands. I also believe in the God of thunder and lightning, hailstones and coals of fire. I believe in the God who brings prosperity, and who brings calamity. He formed the light, and He made the darkness as well (Isaiah 45:7).

And if God is the God of the shadowy places, then I do not have to wait for the light to break through to praise Him. To trust Him. To know He has a plan and a purpose and that purpose is good. Worth it, even. It’s taken a long while to get here. And some days I’m not there yet. But I sing this song to believe again in the God who does all things well. And until He calms this storm, to praise Him in it.