When All I See is the Storm: Behind the Song

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I believe that faith sees. It trusts God whether it can see or not, and then it begins to see God’s hand, His plan, His character, His love in everyday places and in the stormy ones. But some days, my faith just can’t see Him.

“When All I See is the Storm” is written from the perspective of Peter (verses 1-2) and Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego (verse 3), all of whom had to trust God when all they saw was the storm. I have spent so much time searching for God, trying to see Him, and in that struggle, I began to believe that if I couldn’t see Him, something was wrong with me, or He wasn’t there. So my prayer is that whether or not I ever see Him standing on the waves or as that fourth man in the fire, He will give me Himself, His presence, and the faith to walk through the struggle I’m living.