Rocks Cry Out: Behind the Song

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One of my Dad’s favorite things I do with a song is when I take the story of Scripture and go all the way through it in a song. I grew up under a pastor who would teach, not just stories out of the Bible or lessons from the Bible, but he taught the whole Bible as a unit. And after having gone through depression my entire adult life, as much as I love the snapshots we get of God in any given moment, I need to see the whole of God, the God who is the same when it’s good, the same when it’s bad, the same when you can’t tell what He’s doing. And so that’s what this song really is. Here is the God at the beginning, here is who God will still be at the end. Here is where it went through in the middle and none of this was Plan B for God: He had all this planned out. So this song is a celebration of God as He will always be even when the snapshot I’m looking at doesn’t make sense.