Jesus Changes Everything: Behind the Song

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A lot of people see a big discrepancy between the wrathful, holy, vengeful God of the Old Testament and the loving, leper-healing God of the New Testament. Blind faith has always been a hard ask for me, and sometimes I need to see to believe. In searching for the glue that ties these two aspects of God’s character together, I stumbled upon Jesus.

In reality, the God of the Old Testament vs. the God of the New is the same discrepancy as the God of my pre-salvation vs. the God of my salvation. In essence, the same God, but I am standing in a different place. Jesus didn’t change God’s character. He changed mine, my position, my standing, and opened my eyes in faith to see the love that God always showed, and the holiness that He will always display. Whenever I can’t make sense of God, this is the version of Him I fall back on. Jesus. Alpha and Omega, beginning and end, truth meets love, the God of wrath who died for me.