Worth Dying For: Behind the Song

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About the time I wrote this song, there was an “identity in Christ” version of self-esteem building where those of us with insecurity issues were supposed to recite how wonderful we are, using Scripture to back it up. At the time, I was quite perturbed, feeling that this was puffing oneself up, fostering pride, and missing the boat. When in therapy I was asked to recite positives about myself, I never could, because I didn’t think there were any positives about myself. At the time, there weren’t.

At the time, I was not a believer. Wrote this song without truly getting a word of it. But somehow, I think I stumbled on the truth. The truth is, we were worthless pre-Christ. Useless. Read Romans three sometime. But to think that we are anything other than priceless now is a travesty, a trick of Satan. He would love nothing more than to convince us we are as useless to God now as ever, because the minute we believe we can’t, we won’t, and we miss the life God called us to, the power He imbued us with, and the purpose we are created for. But rather than puff myself up with how wonderful I am, I have to look where the value is. Jesus Christ. And, because He lives in me, I am something wonderful, beautiful, made new.

If anything can get my eyes of insecurity off my failures, it is not putting my eyes on my strengths. If anything can get my eyes of pride off my strengths, it is not putting my eyes on my failures. All I can do is put my eyes on Christ, and that’s when I see with eyes of humble confidence.