Undone: Behind the Song

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I wrote this song in the static between Christian radio stations on Highway 84 headed to Santa Fe.

My salvation was a new thing. Brand new, and I scarcely understood it. What I did know is that before I could be remade, I had to be undone. Undoing is not much of a thing to be celebrated or rejoiced over. It is painful, to be unraveled and crumbled into dust. But I rejoiced in it. Because like any good home makeover show knows, before you can rebuild, you have to have a Demolition Day.

This is my celebration of God taking a wrecking ball to my life, ripping it down to the foundations, crushing the foundations into dust, and building something new. In the back of my head were the three points from Dr. John Barnett’s Pathway to Holiness (seeing God’s majesty, my sin, God’s grace) as a way of transformation and turning around. So, somewhere in the static when I could hear no music, I heard this song, and sung it onto my phone. Hope you like it.