Written Across Every Sky: Behind the Song

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Growing up, I had a pastor who loved to preach God’s word as one big, whole rather than in small pieces. I always loved the way he taught, showing how everything was connected and everything told a single story.

The more I read God’s word for myself, the more I see that that story is of God’s love. I didn’t always think so. I saw God’s love as mysteriously absent from His word for many years, but recently, having experienced God’s love for myself, it’s all I see.

One of my Dad’s favorite things is when I go from Genesis to Revelation in a single song. That’s a dangerous thing to do because I’m in danger of trying to say too much–except in this song. I think God’s word only says the one thing, with everything it says, and so that’s what I’ve written, “‘I love you, my child,’ written across every sky.”