Who I Am

My name is Courtney Weir. This is me. I’m thirty-three years old, and I live in the most beautiful place on earth.

This is where I live. I live in the spot where, when missionaries visit from the Swiss Alps, they say our mountains are prettier.

This is my family. Mom and Dad, ridiculously in love with each other; they’re also my best friends. Great brother and sister.

But in spite of this picture-perfect life, something was missing. Something was wrong. I grew up in a Jesus-believing, Bible-teaching church, but what I ended up building for myself was not a faith but a religion, and it nearly destroyed me.

I dropped out of college when depression made my life unbearable. For the next ten years I suffered under it, unable to get out from under the weight. When Jesus saved me–for real–everything changed.

Now I want to share my hope with other people. I want to share what God has taught me about joy, about peace, about Him. I don’t want to stay silent because when God’s people do that, the rocks start crying out, and we’ve got some pretty big ones around here.

Mostly, I want to remind myself of the truths I so easily forget. And if doing so helps anyone else, then God be praised.

Do you have any questions or would you like to get in contact with me?

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