Satisfied: Behind the Song

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This is my salvation testimony. I was challenged once that believers should be all about sharing the gospel, and I am not really a door-to-door evangelizer.

 But the very day I was challenged with this, I sung this song before a congregation. Most assume that sharing the gospel in a church isn’t sharing the gospel because you’re, in essence, preaching to the choir. Here’s the thing: being a member of a choir doesn’t save. Neither does attending a church. Neither, in point of fact, does being able to recite the facts of salvation. I could do all those things. I wasn’t saved.

My audience, my people, the ones like me are not found in bars, on bikes, or on street corners, though by God’s grace the body of Christ is made to reach all of these. The people I relate to are the Pharisees, the ones sitting in the pews, certain of their facts and illiterate of faith, trying to clear their own records, wash white their sins, satisfy a God beyond satisfaction. Because only Jesus saves.

This is the gospel according to me. My story, my downfall and failings and the spot in which Jesus found me and it is something I perpetually preach to myself knowing that it is a trap I will fall into again, trying to satisfy God with my filthy rags when I have had Jesus wash me white.

I pray when you hear this song you don’t hear theological rhetoric or a nice melody or a pretty harmony line. I pray you hear the gospel. Jesus saves, and only Jesus saves.