Pray for Me: Behind the Song

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I wrote “Pray for Me” as a tribute to my parents. Most of the time my heart breaks, it breaks for me. I wish it weren’t that way, but my sorrows come up on me and I break, and I cry for the life I want and don’t have. But for a moment, I saw what it must be like to be my parents, breaking over me and unable to do anything but pray. And even that must get wearying.

So I wrote this song to ask them not to give up on me, even when I give up myself. Even if I push them away or ask them to give up or throw prayer in their faces as ineffectual, I know that nothing but their prayers on my behalf is keeping me afloat, and God gave them to me to hold me up. 

For any who pray for the lost, the broken, the perpetually struggling with no way out, don’t give up on us. We don’t have the strength to keep going but if you have the strength to keep praying, then we are not lost yet. Thank you for your prayers.