Darkness Praise: Behind the Song

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I wrote a song a while back called “Let My Joy be my Praise.” I believe that joy is an expression of worship that comes from us when we are happy, and my desire is that that joy would always be aimed at God in gratitude for whatever He has done that has made me happy.

But lately, I haven’t been. And I have felt that in losing my ability to feel joy, I have lost my ability to worship. This isn’t true. Worship is giving anything I have back to God. He gives, and I return it in gratitude. 

I believe that my God is both the Maker and Calmer of the Storms. That He is the God of the quiet waters and green pastures and still God of the valley of the shadows of death, and I believe that every expression of my heart can be turned into praise to God.

“Darkness Praise” is the dark side of the song “Let My Joy be my Praise.” It is my plea to God that the darkness of my soul, the depression that I can’t climb out of, will rise in praise to God. Like Psalm 43 says, “Hope in God, for I will yet praise Him.” It is a hope that praise is forthcoming, that I will praise Him again, and my prayer is that the heartache and tears become worship that God counts as a sweet aroma, perhaps even sweeter than the joy that so easily turns into praise. I pray that God would be glorified by my tears, and that my tears would be turned into an offering.