Let Go: Behind the Song

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It seems to me that a surprising amount of the Christian life is like a Chinese finger trap. The harder you pull to get out of it, the harder it grabs you and won’t let you go. To get your fingers out of it, you have to gently pull them out without hardly trying.

I find that the harder I try to hold on to God the more He slipped through my grasp, and it is when my grip fails that I finally see His on me. I think sometimes the best prayers, the ones that God hears the loudest, are the ones when we have no words whatsoever and the Holy Spirit has to take up groaning for us. I think sometimes the best way to hold on is to just let go.

I sing this song because no matter how many times I learn this lesson, I find myself with my fingers stuck, yanking and pulling and tugging like my life depends on it. Perhaps if this song was playing on repeat in my mind I would remember who it is that holds on to me, and what it is that moves me forward and holds me up. And so in the absence of better words to say, I will pray this song and hope that God hears.