Sit With Me: Behind the Song

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If you’ve listened to any of my songs, you realize I have an excellent pianist. This song was not played by her. 

This time, there was more anguish in my soul that needed to pour out of me than simple singing could communicate. I needed to play this song myself. My skill being far inferior to my mother’s, it’s mostly chords. Mom tried to help me change it up some so it wasn’t quite so plain, but when we did, I could still play it, but not worship to it. And I needed to worship.

Usually I write three or four verses, a bridge, and sometimes the chorus changes lyrics. But not this time.

This time, this was all I had to say, one verse and one chorus, and I needed to express it to my God. If things don’t get better, if the sun never does come out again, I just need Him here to sit with me. To keep me company in my misery, to sit beside me when I’m alone. 

If He would do that—if I would know He’s doing that—then I would be okay singing this song at the piano by myself.