In These Strong Hands: Behind the Song

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During my days of depression, very little Scripture brought comfort to my heart. For someone who loves words, who treasures God’s word especially, that was heartbreaking. His promises seemed to fall flat, His comfort seemed little and far away. But even during the darkest moments, one passage of Scripture never failed to soothe my heart.

When Job was hit with every trial imaginable, every tragedy and every loss, he cried out for God’s rescue, but God sent no rescue. What God came with was a name: El Shaddai, the God who is Enough. And this is what He says to Job: where were you when I created the foundations of the earth? Were you there when I taught the sun how to rise and showed the oceans where to stop? How could Job ever feel forgotten by the God who holds even fallen sparrows in His hands?

This song is based on Job 38-39, from pages worn out by my tears, and Matthew 10:29-31.

Special thanks to LeAnn Miller for putting chords to this song before I knew what chords were.