300 Broken Pots

The wisdom of man may seem so great, may rise to the highest towers

But as the heavens are higher than all of the earth, so is God’s wisdom higher than ours

We try by our strength, our power, our health to bring glory to God if we can

But, lo and behold, “by our strength” is nowhere in God’s plan

Had He wanted an army, Midian was large, like locusts that cover the field.

Had He wanted a warrior, He could have it as well, but God wanted a man who would yield.

Though Gideon was least in his father’s house and least in all Israel besides

God saw in him weakness and turned it to strength to prove that His hand decides.

32,000, though not nearly enough to battle the enemy host,

Was too great a number for God to use, for in their strength they would boast.

10,000, courageous, and yet not enough, but God weeded them down to a few.

For then when the world saw 300, they would marvel at what God could do.

Trumpets, a torch, and a pitcher. No shield, no arrows, no sword.

They marched in the weakness of themselves and in the strength of Jehovah their Lord

The enemy camp before them, the darkness all around,

Their lights engulfed in pitchers, and not making a single sound.

And on God’s mark, the pitchers broke, the lights began to shine

And enemy forces began to see the army God calls “Mine”

With terror and confusion, the troops of darkness fall,

While the saints of God began to blow the trumpets heard by all.

Millennia later, a trumpet sounded, a curtain ripped in two.

And God Almighty, Christ the Lord, our Light, came shining through.

The enemy lies vanquished, God again destroyed our Foe.

Now all that’s left to do is break for our Saving Christ to show.

If we have beauty, strength, and health, they’ll look and see our pot.

But when we choose to break for God, they’ll see what we are not.

They’ll see the fullness of God’s grace a perfect pot would hide.

They’ll get a glimpse of perfect peace that they have been denied,

The power of weakness turned to strength that strength alone can’t show,

And the goodness of a loving God that they so yearn to know.

If 10,000 troops is still too much to shower God with praise

Then let us break 300 pots and shout His name always

On God’s mark, your pot has cracked. He shines for all to see.

Now blow that trumpet good and loud. You stand in victory.

–For Mom

When the brokenness brings tears,

let God’s mercies bring still more

(and your family will bring the tissues).