Sufficient is His Grace

Sometimes we question God’s wisdom and ask why He wants this to be

When in pain and trials we suffer and there is no end we can see

But God has always been faithful in the good times as well as the bad

And though we can’t understand Him, through all, He makes us be glad

Never has He allowed us to stumble, although the pathway seems dark

He can use us to spread the Gospel like a fire’s bright undying spark

God’s plans are always superior to anything we can devise

And through this we’ve learned to trust Him who is infinitely, immeasurably wise

At times we resist His leading but then we come to the place

Where we must trust His goodness for sufficient is His grace

Though we cannot see where we’re going, He leads us on by the hand

And though we’d really not choose it, God has a perfect plan

Trials are but for a moment, His presence for eternity

And though we may cry in this lifetime, in Heaven, how rapturous we’ll be

To mother, living proof of God’s never-failing grace. January 2006

Behind the Poem

After going through cancer and multiple cancer scares, my mother began experiencing excruciating pain. She was soon confined to a wheelchair and none of her doctors knew what the problem was. I was sixteen at the time, but even with no idea what was wrong or even whether mom’s condition was permanent or not, God reminded me that He is sovereign and His grace is sufficient.