The God I Believe In

When God sent Moses to the people, to Aaron, He said that Moses would be like God to them (Exodus 4:16). Pharaoh was to see the miracles Moses did and see the size of his God. Israel was to see the signs that he performed and know the name of his God. Aaron was supposed to listen to Moses’ boldness and hear the voice of his God.

When you look at me, do you see my God? I submit that that’s exactly what you’ll see, every time.

The way I act, the way I speak, the way I move, whether with confidence and boldness or timidity and fear is going to reveal the God I believe in. It is going to reveal the size of Him, the shape of Him. It is going to tell you His name.

My God, who I follow and worship, who I believe in and imagine to be with me, is betrayed to be less than God if I act with less than Christlikeness. To act in fear is to believe in a harsh Father or an absent one. To act in doubt is to reveal my God to be weak, wrong, mistaken, or uncaring. If I act from shame, guilt, or anger at myself, I reveal my anger at God who does not do all things well, a God who made a mistake when He made me.

How can you look at me and see an all-powerful God when I do not act with all confidence? Perhaps the world looks at me and sees a less than loving God because I am less than loving. What kind of God must I have if I repeatedly trade His wisdom for my own, going my own way and trusting my own intellect over His?

The God who introduced Himself to Moses set Moses’ response, his actions, his words, and his boldness, as the proof of who God claims to be. So all the world would see, as they say.

What does my life say about the God I believe in?

Excerpt from “Peace and How to Keep It.”