The Lie of the “If Only…”

Satan has perpetuated a lie against us. It is the lie that tells me “if only” such and such would happen, then I would have peace. “As soon as” this is finished, I will have peace. “When I finally” achieve, accomplish, or escape this situation, this circumstance, peace will be mine in fullest measure.

This is a lie. “As soon as” this happens, something else will rise up to take its place. “When I finally” achieve the thing I thought would lead to peace, another “if only” replaces it. Solomon, who had every earthly peace, never found it, because he still bought the lie that peace, fulfillment, and happiness were found in the “if onlys.” His every “as soon as” fulfilled, he had nothing but regret (see the book of Ecclesiastes). Peace is not found here, because this particular struggle is never-ending.

Someday, every war will be over, every striving put to an end, every unsettled moment or disagreement or anxiety washed away, but that day has yet to arrive. When Jesus comes to rule the earth, there will be peace on earth. But right now, saved to the uttermost, I have peace with God. And when I act like this is so, the peace that passes all understanding really will guard my heart and mind. My war is over. And this is peace. 

Excerpt from “Peace and How to Keep It.”