The Drink Offering

Every sacrifice in the Old Testament was in some way a gorgeous, beautiful picture of Jesus Christ Himself, of the sacrifice that was made, that He was, for me. One of those sacrifices is what is known as a drink offering. Every other sacrifice had something left over. You burn grain, you gave it to the priest, you kill the calf, the priest got to take some home to live on. The priests weren’t even allowed to own land. No fields, no flocks, no nothing. They lived entirely off the sacrifices of the people. But not the drink offering. This was a literal drink that was poured out onto the ground, poured out to God, wasted and used up.

Jesus had the most precious life. He was, is, the only one of His kind. He is not one of many angels or one of many people or one of many gods. He is the one and only, the singular, unique, precious Son of God. The darling of heaven. Adored. There was never anyone else like Him. 

In today’s terms, where what is rare equals what is valuable, Jesus was priceless. How do you put a dollar amount on something that can never be replaced, replicated, or reproduced? Something that is irreplaceable? This is Jesus Christ, the One of greatest value, and by His own admission, He wasted and used up His life for mine. What greater love is there than that?

Excerpt from “Peace and How to Keep It.”