Good on a Global Scale

I know God to be good. It is His character, His personality, His intent toward His people. I know God to be good to me. Not just occasionally, but in all things that come my way, He has made them all good (Romans 8:28).

But what astounds me is that God can be good on a global scale. According to Psalm 145:9, “The Lord is good to all.”

Imagine that for a second. The incredible number of things that God simultaneously has to be controlling in order to make that true. And when there is a single event that affects everyone–how does God manage that?

Think about it. A global pandemic, spreading to every country and affecting to some extent every person. For every person who’s fallen sick, for every person who’s lost their job, for every person who’s missed a graduation or a wedding or a funeral, for every person who’s died–God has made the particular effects of this pandemic good for every single person who is affected by it.

I have been appreciating the incredible reality that God can take the small tragedies and make them good for me. I’m impressed that God can take a thousand individual tragedies affecting a thousand individual people and make all of them good. But I am absolutely blown away that God can take a wide-scale catastrophe like a pandemic–that affects everyone–and made every one of the trillion places it touches people a good thing.

The scale of my God is incredible. The goodness of my God is astounding. The faithfulness of God is unending. No wonder “His greatness, no one can fathom” (Psalm 145:3).