The Silence Before the Drop

My brother once taught me a musical term that I, who actually write songs, had never heard: the drop. This is when in a beat-heavy song, the beat drops back or drops out for a second and then the music zooms back in in full force, and the more pronounced the absence of sound before, the more impactful it is when the music comes back in after the drop.

I woke up this morning with the song “Symphony” by Switch stuck in my head. The lyrics go, “Through all of this chaos, You are writing a symphony.” For each of us, God is composing a song with our lives, a masterpiece or a symphony of combined sound that makes something beautiful. The individual instruments may make something incomplete, but God is working all things together to make a beautiful song out of me.

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have noticed a prolonged silence out of me lately. I’ve been struggling with the basics, the eating/sleeping/getting out of bed, so there are no songs being written, blogs being posted, or books being drafted over here. But one thing about writing songs is that the major chords sound better and more triumphant after the minor ones, and the drop is so much more impactful after a long silence.

I don’t know what God has for me or when the music will come back in, but I know this is only the darkness before the dawn, the silence before the drop, the moment before the chorus comes back in more triumphant than ever. The song God is writing could not be written better by me, so I will wait in this silence for God to complete His masterpiece and wait for the music to come back in. After all, resting and waiting on God is never a waste of time.